We are RV Renewable Energy, a vibrant Renewable Energy solution company. Green Solution is at the heart of everything we do. It drives the Technologies we use and Quality we deliver.

Our Offering

We offer On-grid solar power plant which is connected to grid through netmeter thus making customer earn for excess solar generation.

We offer Off-grid solar power plant which is designed to cater the need of customer required load only with or without battery back-up.

We offer Hybrid solar power plant with storage batteries to store excess energy generated through PV module and use it in night. This may or may not be connected to grid depending on plant capacity and customer loads.

Our Focus Area

Our entire value chain – design, selection of components and equipment, construction methodologies, testing, monitoring, operation and maintenance – is focused on delivering high quality solar PV plant to customer with high yield and longer life. Thus, using best in class modules and all other components is our focussed area.

Company Foundation

The current increasing greenhouse gases emission and thus global warming is at alarming stage. Its need of the hour to look for alternatives of fulfilling world energy demands. Technologist and scientist were always looking for a sustain energy solution. With technologies development in renewable energy and evolution in solar energy, every country is poised to harness the photon energy as much as possible. India has also set a challenging Solar Energy target of 100GW by 2022. RV Renewable Energy was founded with the vision of fulfilling Green energy demand with focus on quality and long-lasting solar energy solution. Both the founder directors Mr. Vinod Kumar Singh and Mr. Rajesh Kumar are having a vast experience in the same field.

Rajesh Kumar
Vinod Kumar